I was trained as a specialist educator and in equestrian education.
I continue to train myself today, learn new techniques, understand better the body and human behavior as well as those of the horse.

I believe that skills lie in the desire to learn, the humility to learn from others, from others, humans and animals.

I have initial training. It is only the beginning, the premise, that the right to exercise. My skills are in the analysis of my learning, in the incessant observation and questioning of my work.

I think I was able to develop relational, educational, energetic, empathic, and unconditional goodwill.

My reception and my accompaniment are not only a result of knowledge and a know-how, but also a know-how.

Pony at 9 years old at the Club Hippique Viennois (38), with Mr. LIVIO in a "classic" riding perspective, pedagogy of the gesture, oriented CSO.
Adolescence: discovery and improvement in hiking in the Pilat (42).
Initiation to the TREC at the Roche Colombe Mane (26).
Shortly afterwards, I resumed the desire to improve my equitation and become a competitor in a discipline entirely new to me, which will prove to be a real revelation: the CCE.
It is at CYREL (26) that I progress and that I rediscover the immeasurable passion of riding. I also learn endurance, work on foot, in freedom and the performing arts with the team of the Bambulateam ...

In 2010, professionalisation: objective formation monitored.
I meet and begin my training at Pierrelatte Training Center and internship with Marie DUCLOS, cavalier pro of CCE. It brings me a lot in the discipline of the CROSS, in the rigor demanded by riding as well as the investment with the riders (6 months).

2011: Change of pole of formation, I enter the ACF in Grenoble and enters internship with the Stables of the Cabriole (26) whose leaders are passionate cavaliers of CCE. They will bring me an equestrian progression, the work of the young horse and especially the "join-up".
Alexandre DEPEMBROKE Cavalier pro of CCE in ALLEX (26)

Then I will finish my training at CYREL (where everything started!) With Cyril and Elsa SARTRE where I develop my learning in particular pedagogy.

Today, I train with:
Bimonthly training with J-L. FORCE, International CCE rider in Orange
Lucie VAUTHIER, high school dressage rider and show rider
Occasional private lessons with S. POIRIER, International Cavalier CCE

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